7 Successful Google AdWords Ads And Why They Crush The Competition!

7 Successful Google AdWords Ads And Why They Crush The Competition!

You don’t get much space.

25 characters for the headline.
70 characters of ad text.
35 characters for the Display URL.

That’s it.
I’m talking of course about those little ads you see whenever you do a search on Google.

Some businesses are able to create phenomenally successful AdWords ads while others fail miserably.

Ultimately, success with AdWords comes down to your landing page/website. But the first step on that road to winning at AdWords is to get the clicks.

What does it take to write an AdWords ad that gets the clicks?

With that said, let’s take a look at these winning AdWords ads in the video and see why they work…

Top Tips For Successful AdWords Ads:

  • Use Numbers
  • Use ASCII characters
  • Focus on benefits
  • Offer proof/credibility
  • Use quotes
  • Ask a question
  • Make a strong offer
  • Include a call to action


There are three other more general elements at work here that are important to note…

First, with the possible exception of the work from home ad, these ads are not overly sensationalistic.

You have very limited space with which to work in an AdWords ad. There’s no room to be cute or gimmicky… you have to cut to the chase and make every character count to get the clicks.

Secondly, these ads do a good job of standing out from their competitors ads. It’s not uncommon to do a search and see a good percentage of the AdWords ads with the same headline or using basically the same dry, boring message.

When you’re coming up with ads, look at what the competition is doing and make sure your ads are unique.

Lastly, and most importantly, all these ads are successful because of extensive testing on the part of the businesses. Testing your ad copy and testing your landing pages is the single most important factor in developing a winning AdWords ad and campaign.

Because while the ads above are top performers, what works well for your business may be quite different. And the only way to figure out what ads will be successful for you is to test, test, test!

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