How Is Your Online Presence Right Now?

Can Potential Customers Find Your Website Online?



1. Your potential customers begin by typing in a search on Google

(They use keywords or search terms to search for specific products and services.)


2. They see your ad!

If the keywords you’ve chosen match what people search for, your ad appears next to or above Google search results.


3. You get more customers

When people click on your ad, they’ll go to your website to learn more… or buy.

This is known as a “Pay Per Click” or (PPC) Campaign.

Yes, your business at the top of search results. How good would that be?


4. How About Filtering Out The Waste?


  • Get More From Your Budget Through Easy Learning Techniques…
  • Feature At The Top Of Search Results All The Time…
  • Hot Clicks Online Training has the knowledge to help you get the most from your “Pay Per Click” Campaigns
  • Managing a PPC campaign takes time and skill to get the maximum return on the minimum investment.
  • You see more return out of every highly optimised and actively managed campaign you have.
  • Your wasteful spend is trimmed quickly and often.
  • Avoid the nitpicking and drudgery to mine your traffic for negative keywords and placements.


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Maybe It’s Time To See Just Where Your Advertising Is Inefficient?


Do you know if you are succeeding despite poor choices in account structure or ad copy? You will.


Identify where you are doing well and also where you are missing the mark.


From there I list the priorities and the steps to gaining even greater profits.


I identify key opportunities based on your data and prioritise our strategic plans around those areas that will have the biggest impact.


Avoid all those money-wasting Google AdWords mistakes.


Move Out Of The Slow Lane And Get In Front Of Your Customers.


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Why Using Google AdWords To Grow Your Business Is An Absolute No Brainer…


Google AdWords, also known as “Pay Per Click” Advertising has become the most powerful marketing platform for businesses throughout Australia and around the world.


It represents the most cost effective means for businesses to instantly generate leads and new customers.

Attract more customers to your business.


Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help.


Reach the right people at the right time…


Your business gets found by people on Google precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer.


Advertise locally or globally.


Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities – or within a set distance from your business or shop.


Paid search advertising seems so deceptively simple…


All that’s needed is a basic AdWords account and profile, a payment set-up with any major credit card, and you’re off and running.


With roughly 15 minutes of preparation, anyone can write an ad and trigger a basic PPC campaign.


Then you just sit back and watch the money roll in, right?


If only it was that easy…



Many business owners have wasted their entire marketing budgets by assuming PPC were a basic trial and error experience.


Consider each of your paid search campaigns to be like a high-end car; they need maintenance, care, and attention.


If you ignore any warning signs that something might be wrong, things can get painfully expensive.


Market Research


Most business owners have a deep understanding of their business, and a solid awareness of the industry as a whole.


But the more intimately you know your competitors PPC campaigns, the more competitive you can, in turn, become.


Who doesn’t like beating top competitors at their own game?


This takes a tremendous amount of time and effort; competitive landscapes are tricky to analyse, and trends change so quickly.


It is truly a daunting task to keep your finger on the pulse of the market’s current trajectories.


Keyword Expertise


The selection of keywords to target in any PPC campaign is absolutely crucial to success.


Proper determination of keywords involves a comprehensive understanding of your business, the overall niche and industry, and current search trends enacted by actual customers looking for your goods and services.


Many entrepreneurs assume they have an instinctual understanding of what keywords are appropriate for their business.


Though without the data to back up those assumptions, people waste money on keywords that are either not actually searched for often, or are not relevant to the exact things they’re attempting to sell.


Determining an Appropriate Budget


One of the most complicated nuances to a paid search campaign is computing the right pay-per-click (which is what PPC stands for!)


A well-executed PPC plan has a balance of cost that draws in the targeted audience, and in turn actually generates conversions and sales for the business.


As you can imagine, it’s not uncommon for PPC campaigns to generate higher traffic.


Though without careful strategising before the launch about the quality of this traffic, the price per click may be wasted on unqualified leads, or visitors that don’t contribute to the company’s bottom line.


This is a very common DIY mistake in paid search, and another prime reason you should consult an expert.


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