10 Reasons Your Website Copy Might Need Some Love

Made any improvements lately? – your headlines and call-to-actions in particular?

 Making your text much more engaging and captivating is actually one of the quickest and highest-impact ways to improve your website conversions and sales.


It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if your text doesn’t sizzle and captivate – your visitors won’t be excited to learn more and will bounce often – meaning many lost sales for you!


You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to write more captivating text either – Here are some expert tips to help you quickly become a copywriting pro, and convert many more of your visitors into sales.


1: Captivate visitors by mentioning their needs and pain points


Often the best way to improve the effectiveness of your text is to think in your visitor’s shoes and prominently mention words on key entry pages that relate to (and solves) their main needs, problems or frustrations.


Try asking intriguing questions in your text that your visitors can relate to (particularly in your headlines) and then mention why your offering is the best solution for them. Researching more about your main types of visitors and getting feedback from them is essential to do this.

2: Focus on benefits and results of your product/service – not just features


Your visitors of course need to know your product/service features, but many websites forgot to also translate them into benefits and potential results – which is what your visitors really ultimately care about.


Therefore its essential you prominently mention these on your product/services pages – for example, if you are selling services, you should mention the benefits (saving time, effort etc) and impact on revenue for your clients – not just the service features.

3: Use proven highly-engaging powerful words far more often


Give your website text a makeover by using time-tested marketing power words. How many of these great examples below are you using on your website? Go ahead and check right now, particularly for your key entry pages, and start introducing more:


Discover, Secret, Results, Imagine, Guaranteed, Instantly, Powerful, Easy, Simple, Exclusive…

 4: Do the ‘we we’ test to make your text more visitor-focused


To engage many more visitors, focus your words on their viewpoint, not on you or your business – so avoid using ‘we, I or us’ and your company name too often. Instead, use much more visitor-orientated and friendly words like ‘you’ and ‘yours’.


To help improve this, you should to the ‘we we’ test to check how many times you use each type of business or visitor word on your key pages. Make sure you use higher amounts of visitor-focused words – doing that will instantly upgrade the engagement of your text!

5: Write magnetic headlines to hook your visitors


Your headlines can make or break whether your visitors stay on your website or bounces prematurely.


Try using several styles to see which converts best, including benefit driven ones, social proof or testimonial focused ones, or pain point related questions. This tool helps you analyze how good your headlines are.


“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar” David Ogilvy


Don’t forget to also test your headline size to make it stand out more, and the number of words used (short and sweet is better – ideally under 10 words). Here’s a great headline combining many best practices:

6: Know which boring and dull words to avoid like the plague

Some words are just a waste of space and opportunity on your web pages, and should be replaced with much better, more engaging words.


Here are some of the most conversion-killing words I still see way too often that you should avoid:

  • Submit (use a much more engaging word that implies the benefit of clicking)
  • Click here (pointless self-referential words – wasted opportunity to write a better call-to-action)
  • Cheap (makes your service/offering sound low quality – use ‘low cost’ or ‘affordable’ instead) 
  • Utilise, leverage, mission statement and other corporate words (too dull)


Edit ruthlessly

7: Ruthlessly cut your text and make it concise

To increase the chances of visitors reading your text and seeing your key points, you need to start really cutting down the amount of words you use.

Shorten your paragraphs and sentences, cut out fluff words, unnecessary extra detail words, and don’t ramble – be direct. If the words don’t help explain anything, or don’t add any real value to the sentence, then get rid of them.

8: Focus on improving your call-to-action button wording

The wording of your call-to-actions are critical – it’s essential you persuade more visitors to click on your buttons and key links. Always avoid using generic words like ‘learn more’, ‘submit’ or ‘subscribe’ – use much more compelling text instead.

Benefit and power related words will work well, as will using action-driven words, which leads us nicely into the next tip.

9: Inspire action – use words to get your visitors to act quickly


Realise that your visitors are often in a rush and don’t have much time, so get them to act quickly on your website offerings.


Action words are particularly important for using on your call-to-action buttons and links. Here are some good examples of action words to help you come up with ideas to test:


Now, Today, Get started, Fast, Quickly, Discover, Create, Instantly, Try, Learn, In Seconds.

10: Use sub-headers to make your text much easier to scan

Remember that visitors don’t read online the same way they do books or magazines – instead they scan text and will only read more if something catches their eye. Making use of many descriptive sub headers will make your text much easier to scan – they also help to break to categorise and break up long blocks of text.


I really hope this helped. Hey, have I missed anything here though? Drop me a note in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts. 

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