7 Expert Tips To Generate B2B Leads That Actually Work

Google Ads is a superb way to generate quality leads for Business to Business –

as long as you set it up correctly to begin with…

Early Warning Bell: Don’t be fooled. Some of these principles will seem like fundamentals – Clearly obvious must do’s.

The reason that I’m giving them kudos here is that they deserve it and are often overlooked. Without applying the correct strategies from the get-go, your campaigns will only ever be average.

1.Your only goal: To generate as much business from your advertising budget – enabling you to achieve superb and ongoing results.

If you apply these principles and stay committed to monitoring them regularly, you will stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.

As Google love to tell you in their marketing blurbs, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on AdWords to get a lot more oomph out of your pay-per-click advertising.

Still, even if you have the smallest of daily budgets, you have an obligation to yourself and your business to make sure your money is not being wasted. You also want to ensure that the “right” people are clicking on your Ads campaigns.

By using Google Ads correctly, you appear in the sponsored listings (these are displayed above and alongside the organic listings that also appear on the page.)

Again, this may sound expensive, though if managed properly, the money you spend can be very reasonable – taking your business or your brand into achieving real visibility and pulling in the targeted traffic that you need for true online success.

2. The Benefits Of Google AdWords

  • Reach 90% of online users instantly
  • Gain instant positioning for your business
  • Control your spend with a daily budget
  • Ability to split test ads to maximise their efficiency
  • Decide exactly which pages to take you, searchers, too
  • Focus your targeting on specific countries or areas
  • Create and, therefore, manage your ads

I know how challenging and daunting Google AdWords can be, not just for the uninitiated, though even for the seasoned pros out there.

Professional advertisers who never stop looking for ways of staying ahead of the curve. Always looking to gain maximum exposure for their online advertising.

But the good news is: It doesn’t have to be intimidating – if you don’t let it! Organising your account allows you to better serve the right ads to the right customers, and it allows you to better track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

When people are searching online and they type a word or phrase, they’re looking for information that’s closely tied to those words. For example, if Dave types digital cameras and he sees an ad for Camera tripods, he probably won’t click the ad.

To show ads that are relevant to the searches of people you’re trying to reach, bundle related ads together with related keywords into an ad group.

3. Make Sure You Get Found Online When Customers Are Performing A Search

AdWords is where you want your business to be when customers do a Google search for your products or services. You’ll get fast results. With a well-managed AdWords marketing campaign, your business will move to the top of Google Search results.

You’ll experience increased website traffic immediately. And best of all—the customers who visit your site are those most likely to buy because they are searching for your products and services based on your targeted ads.

AdWords advertising isn’t free, though it can be very cost effective. You control the budget and decide where your ads appear — locally, regionally, and nationally.

There are no surprise costs. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You decide how much each click is worth and how much you want to spend each month.

You’ll know when an ad results in a sale and how many new customers you obtain from your AdWords campaign. You’ll know exactly where those new customers come from and what they do when they visit your website.

That’s because AdWords has Google Analytics built in. Together, these two powerful tools provide an incredible wealth of statistics and data to make your website more profitable.

AdWords gives you the information you need to maximise your return on investment and grow your business. Many business owners don’t have the time or the expertise to make the most of AdWords. They feel their time is better spent running their business.

“Why use Ads” and “Do Google Ads Work?” are pretty common keyword phrase searched on Google, which suggests that there are a lot of marketers and business owners out there who have heard about Google AdWords but aren’t sure if and how it can work for them.

AdWords – Google’s enormously successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system – can work for almost any type of business.

4. Organise Your Ad Groups

Using Ads (or any PPC platform) requires time and money, but thousands of businesses have found that it’s time and money well spent, because AdWords delivers measurable ROI.

A common method for organising an Ads account is to organise with a category or business goal in mind. For many businesses, the way your website is structured is a good place to start, where each ad group representing a different page or category on your site.

Ad groups can help ensure that your ads are relevant to your keywords. For example, for your camera campaign, you may want to create separate ads for digital cameras and compact cameras.

You can create ad groups for each type of camera, each with its own set of focused, relevant keywords. For example if it was a television campaign, you can also create an ad group for each type of television you sell, such as flat screen and plasma TVs.

You can also set prices for individual keywords within the ad group.

5. How To Create An Ad Group:

• Sign in to your AdWords account.

• Click the Campaigns tab.

• Under All campaigns, click the name of the campaign that you’d like to add an ad group to.

• Click the Ad group’s tab.

• Click the + Ad group button.

On the “Create ad group” page that appears, follow the instructions to complete your new ad group (you’ll be given the chance to create an initial ad and its keywords).

Click Save ad group.

For instance, you are selling surfboards for both men and women. You set two different campaigns, one for men’s surf -boards and the other for women’s surfboards.

Let’s name them Men’s Surfboard Campaign and Women’s Surfboard Campaign. You have beginner’s surfboards, Intermediate Surfboards and Performance Surfboards for both men and women.

Now you create 3 ad groups based on these categories (Beginners, Intermediate and Performance) in both the campaigns.

Let’s name these 6 ad groups as:

• Men’s Beginners Surfboards
• Men’s Intermediate Surfboards
• Men’s Performance Surfboards

• Women’s Beginners Surfboards
• Women’s Intermediate Surfboards
• Women’s Performance Surfboards

• Now you have 6 ad groups, each of them has two key components, ads, and keywords

6. How many keywords should be in my ad group?

The best rule of thumb is to use no more than 20 keywords per ad group.

Sometimes you can get away with using a few more, but exceeding a 20 keyword limit is a sign that your ad copy isn’t matching the keyword being searched as closely as it could.

7. Strategies to optimise your ad groups:

• Identify an ad group per keyword group (theme)

• Add diverse titles and texts for your ads.

• Remember to integrate your keywords into the URL’s that will appear on your ads.

• Use a variety of targeting and ad extension options to the ad group theme.

Have I missed anything here? What are your best tips for getting more customers?

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