27 “Killer” Hacks For Building Your Email List Fast

27 “Killer” Hacks For Building Your Email List Fast




You’ve heard the saying “the money’s in the list.” This video is about how to build a winning email list and get new subscribers straight away. When I first started out as a digital marketer, I had no list.


I wasn’t making any progress whatsoever. Eventually, things changed. I figured out that a list is hugely important. Today, I have a massive list. And there is incredible power in this list!


The problem is actually getting people on your email list. There are email marketing tactics out there, but not all of them work for everyone. I’m going to share with you some of my best tips for getting new email subscribers every single day.


It’s going to take some work, but if you make the effort, you’ll see some major results. If you’re serious about growing your business, building a healthy email list should be one of your top priorities.


When it comes down to it, your list is one of the only online assets that you have 100% control over. Using your website and social media to attract visitors and followers, and then encouraging them to sign up for your email list gives you the opportunity to contact your prospects at any point in the future, with any kind of messaging you want.


There is no magic formula for content marketing success, despite what some would have you believe. For this reason, vary the length and format of your content to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers.


Traffic building is both a slow burn and also can grow quickly if you are lucky. Traffic from search engines takes time to earn, while traffic from social can produce viral traffic if you happen to hit the right emotional buttons.


I really hope this helped. Hey, have I missed anything here though? Drop me a note in the comments section below and let me know your thoughts on your own list building. 

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