Why 99% Of Google Ads Campaigns Fail – How To Stay In The Top 1%

Why 99% Of AdWords Campaigns Fail – How To Stay In The Top 1%

Hi there and welcome to Google AdWords Tips & Tricks.

I’m super excited to share these training tips with you. I absolutely promise that if you apply the principles that I’ve put together in this video series, you will “move the needle” and start to see dramatic changes from within your AdWords campaigns.


I have personally applied this system to my own campaigns and achieved fantastic results.

I am going to share with you some of my personal favourites – highly effective strategies that have achieved real results for my clients, including more impressions, more clicks from their ads, and as a product of this – more sales.

This is an indispensable collection of some of the very best tips available to online marketers seeking to improve their return on their advertising. I know this, because I have repeatedly used these very principles over the years to maximise my own, and my client’s online campaigns.

Apply these to your own Google AdWords campaigns and they will start to rock.

Apply these to your client’s Google AdWords campaigns and you will be looking like a rock star!

If you follow these tips and implement them, they will over time begin to change your business forever.













The roadblocks or problems many of my customers faced was the time they had personally spent building their campaigns, only to sit and wait for results to occur and to then be very disappointed after all their effort.

The overall recurring problem though is that most people simply think they can’t do this. They more often than not simply get overwhelmed with the technology of the AdWords platform.

They’ve never actually found a system to achieving truly great results from correctly managing their campaigns!


I personally struggled with AdWords for over a year, unable to “crack the code” and get my own campaigns anywhere near firing. I just found the AdWords platform itself completely overwhelming.

Like many of us, I began my online marketing efforts by diving into AdWords with no experience or knowledge whatsoever.

How hard can this be I thought?

It was only when I got completely fed up with the lack of progress not being made and the money I was blowing each month that I decided to do something about it.

A few years back, I needed to advertise my business, though at the time I simply couldn’t afford to outsource this task. As with any start up you have to keep your outgoings as low as possible… The only solution available to me at that time was to be self-taught.

So began my quest to find the specialised knowledge I knew deep down would be essential for my online success.

However, the further I travelled along this steep path of discovery, the more complex things seemed to become. Needless to say here, the results were just not happening, though my invoices from Google still were still arriving with alarming regularity.

I used to be the kind of person who tried to assemble flat pack furniture first, and when it all went pear-shaped, read the instructions. AdWords was no different when I began… You don’t need to make the same mistakes.

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways to burn through your budget within the AdWords platform if you jump in before you know what you’re doing.

Remember Google has a vested interest in spending your hard earned money…

Giant Disclaimer: I am not anti – Google, but I do know for a fact that it can be hugely daunting for the uninitiated.

Don’t expect to find a refund cheque in the mail when you’ve forgotten to pull the right levers inside your campaign management.

It’s often referred to as paying the Google stupidity tax. I know. I used to pay it. I learned the hard way. You don’t have to make the same mistakes.


My success came about by simply going back to the beginning. I decided to really just go back to the basics. I stopped worrying about what was going wrong and stripped my campaigns down piece by piece.

Once I had done this, I had a much clearer view. Step by step I rebuilt each campaign, and the shift was astounding. My costs went down. My sales went up.

I was making money again. My ads were always showing and I wasn’t getting slammed by a huge bill each month.


So all the myths about Google’s AdWords platform being way too complicated were finally dispelled. I no longer had that self-doubt, and better still I was achieving real results. The more I shared these, the more positive comments I received.

So, now armed with a little insight as to how Google use their platform to gain more business, let’s begin with step our first tips to build yours!

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